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Produced & Organized by Sugar Mediaz

Sugar Mediaz is a leading audio content production company and Voice Industry platform. The company creates voice based content and is also engaged in training voice talent through it’s sought after Voice acting workshops! As a Voice Industry platform, Sugar Mediaz has always led the way in organizing events and undertaking initiatives for the Indian Voice Industry.

Conceived & Curated By Darrpan Mehta

One of the most heard, versatile and popular commercial Voice Artistes in the country, Darrpan has two decades of rich experience across the Television, Digital and Corporate segments of the Indian Voice Industry. His work has earned him unstinted admiration and impeccable goodwill from the biggest media companies and clients.

India Voice Fest is a dream that he has turned into reality with his hard work and vision. A platform that creates awareness about the craft of voice acting, celebrates excellence, fosters a sense of community and ignites the spark of inclusive growth.

Voice Industry Testimonials

Darrpan ne bada achcha initiative liya hai. Bahot achchi cheez hai logon ko sarhaana unke kaam ke liye. At India Voice Fest you meet other artists whom you have always looked upto and have mutual respect and it is always exciting to meet the gang of voice artists.[click to view video on youtube]

I want to laud my friend and brother Darrpan Mehta and Sugar Mediaz on India Voice Fest 2019. I view Darrpan as the lion king of the industry. He is a path breaker and a pioneer for the rest of us to follow. The sky is the limit as far as this Festival is concerned.[click to view video on youtube]
Absolutely great effort and kudos to Darrpan and his team at Sugar Mediaz for pulling off such a fantastic event. I am really happy to be here at India Voice Fest and be a part of it.[click to view video on youtube]

I am really happy to be a part of India Voice fest in every way possible. I wish Darrpan and his team at Sugar Mediaz the best in taking this forward. I think this is just going to grow magnificently every year.[click to view video on youtube]
I am extremely honoured to be here at India Voice Fest to salute the work of all the people in the voice industry who have made incredible contribution in films, television, radio, audio books, documentaries, ad films, etc.. I wish Sugar Mediaz all the best in the years to come.[click to view video on youtube]
I have always felt that the Voice industry in India has never got recognition and this platform is giving everyone a chance to meet and participate and learn about the voice and dubbing industry. This is a great initiative by Darrpan....[click to view video on youtube]

India Voice Fest amply proves that now voice has come into its own as an art. To bring voice artists together and in such huge numbers is a an achievement in itself. Thanks and congratulations to Darrpan Mehta and Sugar Mediaz. More power to you.[click to view video on youtube]
I can't tell you how happy and excited I am today to have attended India Voice Fest organised by Darrpan. This is a very special occasion for me and I congratulate Darrpan Mehta and all the people who have helped to make this program absolutely successful.[click to view video on youtube]
India Voice Fest ka yeh doosra saala hai jahaan hamaare hindustan ke sabhi voice artists ekatrit huye hain. Main organisers ka bahot bahot shukriya karta hun.[click to view video on youtube]

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